Fisher's beer is for everyone, so is our website

Our website is designed to be usable by everyone, regardless of ability or disability. This means our website should be easy to read and understand and be usable with a mouse, keyboard or assistive technologies like screen readers or magnifiers.

Accessibility features

We have implemented the following on our website which should help you navigate and understand our website:

  • well structured, semantic markup (HTML)
  • including clearly labelled sections and headings
  • ARIA attributes, where applicable, to help describe things properly
  • alt attributes for all images
  • skip links at the top of each page
  • clearly labelled breadcrumbs
  • clear focus highlighting
  • sufficient contrast on all text
  • back to top link in the footer


There may be a few issues with third party components that my not be accessible. The include:

  • embedded Google Maps, but in this case we always include the full address and a link to Google Maps directly


We're confident our website is usable by everyone. However, If you do have any issues using, please do let us know and we'll be happy to help you out and fix the issues where possible.